Graphic Novels

There are several sequential art graphic novels (or comics, if you must) retelling the Nibelung saga.   They’re a great way to get to grips with the story and works of art in their own right.

P. Craig Russell – Dark Horse Comics
Top rating goes to P. Craig Russell (artist) & Linda Kindsierski (text) and their 424 page Dark Horse Comics adaptation.  A Wagner fan, Russell describes his adaptation as his “magnum opus”.

Originally released monthly in 2000 & 2001, and subsequently republished as a two volume trade paperback graphic novel, and more recently in a seingle volume hardback edition (recommended).

Russell has adapted a number of operas to the genre and had a previous stab at a segment from The Ring in “Siegfried and the Dragon” which appeared in issue #2 of Marvel’s Epic Illustrated in 1980.

Gil Kane & Roy Thomas – DC Comics
A less succesful attempt at the cycle comes from the legendary Gil Kane and Roy Thomas who also had a monthly comic serialisation of the Nibelung that started in 1989.  This has also been collected into a trde paperback graphic novel.


Ryo Azumi
Oddest to date but also quite engaging is this 4 volume Japanese retelling in Manga style.  Issue one can be downloaded free for Kindle Reader from Amazon so check it out!

Opera Strip!

Opera Strip! was a great idea from Sinfini Music a few yeard back to provide potted summaries of mhor operas in a fun comic format.  The artist, William Elliot, tackled a number of the top operas, including all 4 of The Ring Cycle pieces.  I can’t find these officially hosted anywhere any more and they’re widely distribted across Pinterest and the Blogosphere – so here are the 4 Ring strips for your entertainment.